The Devil’s Heart

Nick Randall Book 3

In a remote section of Argentinian jungle, an archeological team searching for an ancient, mysterious relic vanishes without a trace. With nowhere else to turn, a colleague seeks the help of his dead father’s protégé, Dr. Nick Randall to help find the missing team…and the relic.

Randall and his daughter Samantha travel through miles of jungle searching for the missing scientists, but soon find themselves in a nightmare of unimaginable terror. The chilling legends surrounding the mysterious relic may be as deadly as they are true, and Sam may soon be its latest victim. To save his daughter, Randall must decipher a series of clues scattered throughout the catacombs and ancient records of the great cathedrals of Europe, culminating with the Vatican. As he gets closer to the truth, he discovers a secret so powerful, it could alter the course of civilization and cost his daughter her life.


Chapter One

Southern Argentinian Jungle

July 18, 1:07 p.m

Professor Jim Grady skidded his bright yellow Jeep to a stop near his team’s camp. He stared out his window through a small opening in a nearly impenetrable wall of Argentinian jungle. To the untrained eye, it appeared to be nothing more than a small break in the foliage but the opening fed into his team’s remote archeological site.



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